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Motor Mechanic Courses

You will be working in a classroom and workshop environment. You will learn about safe working practices, introduction to working in engineering. Carrying out mechanical assembly and maintenance.

Marine Engineering

Our marine engineering courses are both classroom and workshop based. You will learn a variety of skills from safe working practices, methods of construction technology, basic woodworking joints and installation and repair of marine engines.

Cycle Mechanics

The course is a great starting point for anyone thinking of working in this sector. You will be working in a classroom and workshop environment where your duties will encompass many areas of work. The course is tailored towards the servicing and maintenance of bicycles.

Vehicle Servicing

We are now offering commercial vehicle servicing from our Garage Project site on Ham Drive. There will be two types of service offfered an Interim Service which can be carried out every six months, and a Full Service which you would have done once a year. If this commercial venture proves to be successful then any surplus funds will be redirected into providing free training places for local adult residents. So come & book a service with us and feel not only lighter in your pocket, due to savings made, but also feel good about yourself as you will be contributing towards our social purpose.

Interim Service

  • Renew oil and oil filter.
  • Top up radiator with anti-freeze.
  • Top up washer levels.
  • Check washer jets aim and condition of wipers.
  • Check the condition and pressures of all tyres.
  • Adjust tyre pressure where necessary.
  • Check the operation of all lights.
  • Check seat belts.
  • Grease all hinges/battery.
  • Road test vehicle –
  • brakes/steering/clutch.
  • Reset service/oil/inspection lights.

Starts from


plus parts

Full Service

Same as above plus…

  • Check gearbox oil.
  • Check differential oil.
  • Renew spark plugs.

  • Check drive belts including timing belt.
  • Renew air and fuel filter.
  • Check brakes and adjust if necessary.
  • Check and adjust suspension if necessary

Starts from


plus parts

Courses available

We offer a wide range of courses for those aged between 14-24.

Motor Mechanic

Marine Engineering

Cycle Mechanics

Marine Engineering

Take a look into Ocean City College’s marine division.